With each new face you see in a day, you make an impression with each encounter. At the center of each of these encounters is eye to eye contact. If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, you may be making a different impression than you think. If you’ve been suffering with dark circles under your eyes, odds are others see someone that is tired, run down, or maybe ill. While there are a multitude of home remedies that claim to be the best dark circles under eyes treatment; none will work as well as the best eye cream for dark circles.


That’s great, but what is the best cream for dark circles?

Simply put, the best under eye cream for dark circles is the one that will help your skin combat all the reasons dark circles appear. Dark circles result from blood vessels beneath the eye being visible because the skin is thin. To combat this thinning a good cream for dark circles under your eyes should do the following:


  • Stimulate collagen production

Your skin is made of different components. Of these various components collagen acts as the reinforcement that gives our skin its shape. Without collagen skin gets saggy. Under the eyes, this lets the skin droop, which pulls it thin exposing blood vessels; and causes shadows. Both of these enhance the appearance of dark circles. Because of this, collagen is an important factor to consider when pondering how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes.


  • Keep your skin hydrated

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Looking at skin at the cellular level, properly hydrated skin cells will be firmer, and plump. When these cells are together as a tissue they will be more resilient and full. Hydration is a very important quality of a good under eye cream.


  • Protect and soothe your skin

Just as important as repairing damage that has led to dark circles under your eyes, is protecting your skin from further damage. Good creams will include multiple vitamins such as C for collagen production, but also make sure they include vitamin E which protects your skin and keeps it looking its best. Healthy skin is far less prone to showing dark circles.


  • Help your skin produce elastin

Another component of the skin is elastin. As its name implies, elastin provides for skin’s elastic like properties. As skin gets older, elastin production can slow. When this happens, skin can tend to lose its shape and get lazy. On or face, this shows up as wrinkles under your eyes, or sagging skin. As in the case with lower collagen content situations, this will lead to the appearance or enhancement of dark circles. Because of this the best eye creams for dark circles will typically have an agent that promotes elastin production.


The best of all worlds

If you’re looking for dark circles under the eyes treatment, our recommendation would be to use the best eye cream for dark circles. Our favorite product not only outperforms any home remedy, but also contains ingredients that hydrate, promote collagen and elastin production, and soothe and protect your skin. As a comprehensive solution that not only reduces the effects of dark circles, but also promotes healthy skin, we feel it is the best dark circle eye cream on the market today.