If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter working on a long project at work, or seen someone that has been severely dehydrated for long periods of time, you may have noticed that they have sunken eyes. If you happened to notice this on your face on occasion, or battle it on a regular basis, then you would probably like to know how to get rid of sunken eyes. Before you can find an effective remedy, it’s important to know what causes sunken eyes

Sunken Eye Causes

Taking a second to understanding some of the causes for sunken eyes can help you understand which treatments may work best to get rid of your sunken eyes.

  • Not enough sleep

While we all feel we don’t get enough sleep, there is strong medical evidence to support the idea that not getting enough restful sleep prohibits the body from regenerating tissue while we rest. The result is tired skin. In the area under the eyes, this becomes easily pronounced. Simply put, not getting enough rest can leave you with tired eyes.


  • Insufficient hydration

When you get dehydrated, the soft tissue below the eye can sometimes appear darker because the blood vessels under the eye become more visible. This along with slight shrinkage in fat deposits under our eyes can create the appearance of sunken eyes.


  • Thinning skin

Age, vitamin deficiencies, and other factors can lead to thinning skin. When this happens around the eye, it produces a dark shade under the eye, and often makes you look like your eyes are sunk into your head.


How to Reduce the Appearance of Sunken Eyes

With an understanding of some of the causes of sunken eyes, it’s easy to see how some of the simple remedies below may work, though not typically in a quick or predictable fashion.


Tip#1: Work it out

Set aside time in your day to work out. Regular exercise promotes better circulation, which has been proven to improve skin tone. Additionally, exercise can lead to more restful sleep which ties into our second tip.


Tip#2: Get a good night’s sleep

Your body regenerates tissue best when you get plenty of restful sleep. As such, be sure you’re getting plenty of rest.


Tip#3: Drink up

Unfortunately, we didn’t mean have a couple extra stiff drinks at dinner. You need to ensure you are getting enough water to keep your body properly hydrated. Proper hydration will lead to healthier skin which will reduce the appearance of sunken eyes.


Tip #4: Get your veggies… well sort of.

For a temporary quick solution, try placing slices of cold cucumber over each eye. The cool cucumber will constrict blood vessels and tighten skin, helping to lessen the effect of sunken eyes.


The easiest and most effective way to get rid of sunken eyes

While the suggestions above have some general merit, they typically don’t offer long-term success. The best answer for how to get rid of sunken eyes is to use a skin care solution specifically designed to remedy the condition. Our favorite product uses a powerful serum to create the appearance of skin that is 10 years younger, while visibly reducing the appearance of sunken eyes.