If you’ve ever woke up in the morning after a long night or stressful week, looked in the mirror and recoiled at the sight of your face, odds are you know all about dark circles under the eyes. At the time you may not have stopped to think about dark circles under the eyes causes, and maybe even right now, you’re more focused on how to reduce dark circles; but understanding what causes dark circles under eyes can give great insight into potential remedies you may currently have at your disposal.


Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Generally speaking dark circles are often caused by the visibility of blood vessels through the thin skin around the eye. While that is the root cause, there are many reasons why we are able to see the blood vessels in question. Understanding these reasons can help you determine ways to reduce the prevalence of dark circles under your eyes.


  • Sleeping on your belly

When you sleep with your face shoved into the pillow, pressure is applied to the tissues on your face. Over time, they are weakened and start to fatigue. This results in wrinkles, and thinking of the skin, which accentuates the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


  • Lack of Sleep

Similar to how sleeping on with your face jammed into your pillow can cause thinning of the skin which results in the appearance of dark circles, a lack of sleep has much the same effect. When we sleep is when our body repairs itself. It is only when we are in a restful sleep that our body can repair and rejuvenate the tissues of our body; including the skin around our eyes. As a result, a lack of sleep can dramatically exacerbate the appearance of dark circles.


  • Genetics

Sometimes, the luck of the draw, or lack thereof is an important factor. Individuals with sunken eyes will tend to experience a shadowing effect that will accentuate even the slightest presence of darkness under the eyes. For these individuals, it is even more important to mitigate the effects of other potential causes


  • Thinning skin

As we age, our skin naturally starts to thin, as such dark circles under the eyes can become increasingly common.


  • Insufficient water intake

Even if your skin has thinned, it is extremely important to get enough water. Amongst other reasons, the increase in density of tissue around the eye will help hide the blood vessels that can create the appearance of dark circles. Conversely, failure to get enough water can accentuate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


  • Anemia

Don’t overlook your diet. One of the side effects of anemia is a blue pallor of the skin around the eyes. Ensure you are getting enough iron in your diet. If you have any concerns on this issue, contact your healthcare provider for a simple blood test to check your iron levels.


The best way to get rid of dark circles

Regardless of what causes dark circles under eyes, there are proven treatments that can remedy the situation. A great solution in addition to remedying the dark circles under eyes causes listed above is a revolutionary under eye serum that firms, tightens, and evens the appearance of skin around the eye. The unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients set this cream apart from the rest.