In today’s fast –paced world, first impressions can mean everything. Hopefully that first impression is meaningful, with eye to eye contact; but what does the other person see when they look at you? An alert and vibrant person, or a tired or run-down individual who has seen better days? If you have puffy eyes, it may be the later. Before we get to how to get rid of puffy eyes, let’s look at what causes them.

What Causes Puffiness Under Eyes?

Generally speaking, the root cause of eye puffiness is water retention. Because the skin around the eye is somewhat thinner than other tissue, the retained water causes this area to bulge more than others. While water retention is the basic cause, there are many factors that contribute to puffy eyes.


  • Lack of sleep

As with any physical disorder, the amount of restful sleep we receive can be a factor. When it comes to puffy eyes, sleep is important for two reasons. As the muscles in our face relax, the tension on the skin around the eyes is lessened; this allows the tissue to rejuvenate during the body’s natural recuperative processes that happen while we sleep. Cut short the sleep, and you cut short the amount of time your body has to regenerate the elasticity in your skin.


  • Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you know the discomfort that goes with the irritation. Part of the natural response to allergens is increased blood flow to the affected areas. For your eyes, this means increased extra puffiness.


  • Diet

With water retention as the primary cause of puffy eyes, increases in sodium in your diet can worsen the problem.


  • Mood

While it seems like common sense, crying generally causes puffy eyes. The extra fluid production involved with generating tears will increase puffiness.


Puffy Eyes Remedies

With a basic understanding of what causes puffy eyes, it can be easy to see why some of the following home remedies can help alleviate puffy eyes or puffy face.


Tip #1: Cucumber slices

It may be cliché, but there is a reason spas and professional estheticians use cold cucumbers over eyes. The cooling effect on the skin causes it to tighten, which will subdue a number of issues including puffiness.


Tip#2: Limit sodium consumption

Because salt makes you retain water, it will be harder to combat puffy eyes if you have a diet high in sodium.


Tip#3: Treat your allergies

Determine the cause of your allergies so that you can avoid allergens. If you cannot determine the cause, or can’t avoid it; use medication to treat the symptoms. This will reduce irritation and blood flow to the area around your eyes.


Tip#4: Drink enough water

This can be confusing, because water retention is a cause of puffy eyes; but if you don’t get enough water throughout the day, your body will retain water to ensure it doesn’t get dehydrated. So in order not to retain water… drink some


The Best Solution for Puffy Eyes

If you’ve tried all of the above, and still can’t figure out how to get rid of puffy eyes, turn to a skin care product that can increase the elasticity of your skin. One of our favorite solutions increases collagen, and works with multiple vitamins and anti-oxidants to tone the skin on your face, making puffy eyes a thing of the past.