We use our eyes for nearly everything we do. So when they are puffy or irritated, it can be a major nuisance. Even when eye puffiness doesn’t directly interfere with our vision, it can still hamper our efforts in social settings. Below you’ll find a 3 step regimen to reduce puffiness under eyes, but before we get into the treatment, let’s take a look at some of the causes for puffy under eyes.

What Causes Puffiness Under Eyes?

Generally speaking, the root cause of eye puffiness is water retention. Because the skin around the eye is somewhat thinner than other tissue, the retained water causes this area to bulge more than others. While water retention is the basic cause, there are many factors that contribute to puffy eyes.

  • Allergies

When we speak of puffy eyelids in a cosmetic sense, your first thought may not be allergies. Nevertheless, allergies are one of the primary sources for overall facial puffiness, and this of course extends to the eyes.


  • Diet

At the heart of puffiness of any type is a form of water retention. No single dietary component is as responsible for water retention as sodium. From a puffy belly, to puffy eyes, sodium will cause your body to retain water in an unhealthy manner.


  • Inadequate restful sleep

Throughout the day, we stress the skin around our face with constant expressions and tension. When we are at rest is the only time the skin around your eyes has to regenerate and regain some elasticity. Without this rest period, the skin eventually loses its shape, and then becomes more susceptible to swelling and puffiness from other irritations.


3 steps to get rid of puffiness under eyes

By following these three simple steps, you can reduce or eliminate the appearance of eye puffiness. These are easy steps that anyone can follow at home.


Step #1: Get a handle on your allergies

It goes without saying, but if your allergies are causing or contributing to your puffy eyes, you need to treat the allergies before you’re going to see improvement with the puffiness. Work with your doctor to determine the cause of your allergies, then remove the allergens from your life when practical. Otherwise discuss the use of medication with your doctor. By controlling your allergies, you’ll reduce the amount of fluid stored in the areas around the eyes as part of the natural allergic reaction. Additionally, the elimination of rubbing your eyes and nose will also help reduce the puffiness.


Step #2: Reduce your sodium intake

As we all know, sodium causes our bodies to retain water. Unfortunately this retention of water will often manifest itself with puffiness throughout our body, ultimately contributing to puffy under eyes and eyelids.


Step #3: Chill out with cucumbers

Using cool slices of cucumber on your eyes for 10-15 minutes at a time can constrict blood vessels to the area and reduce the appearance of puffiness.


A proven treatment for puffiness under eyes

If the steps above fail to bring the results you desire, we strongly recommend an amazing product that has been proven to reduce eye puffiness. This eye cream is made with highly effective natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, blended in perfect proportion to properly hydrate your skin and restore collagen and elastin levels. This will provide you with the reduction in puffiness you deserve, along with smooth skin that looks years younger.