While certain fashion and lifestyle cliques find black circles under eyes to be perfectly acceptable, for the rest of us, they are an unsightly condition marring our outward appearance towards others. Instead of the vibrant, youthful, and energetic person we really are, the black circles portray us as tired, run-down, or sick. This is enough for most people want to know how to get rid of black circles under eyes.

What Causes Black Circles Under Eyes?

While the indirect causes of under eye black circles can include: genetics, dehydration, insufficient sleep, anemia, and thinning skin, the root cause is shared by all of these contributing factors. Your eyes are surrounded by numerous tiny blood vessels. Ordinarily these blood vessels are mostly invisible because they are beneath the skin. Unfortunately, when one of the conditions mentioned above is present, the skin may become thin enough to see the blood vessels below. When this happens, the color of the skin appears a blackish color. Regardless of which treatment path you are presented with, they should all include aspects that aim to rejuvenate the skin to preclude the appearance of the blood vessels that cause the black circles under your eyes.


So what can I do to get rid of the black circles?

Below is a comprehensive list of at home treatments and changes you can make to your daily routine to help eliminate black circles under your eyes.


Idea #1: Get a good night’s sleep

Give your body the time it needs to repair itself from your day. Your body only rejuvenates itself during restful sleep, so plan to get to bed early and leave the stress of the day somewhere else.


Idea #2: Pay attention to your diet

Your body needs the right vitamins and minerals to make the most of its recuperative time. Make sure you are getting your recommended daily allowance for all vitamins and minerals. This is especially true for iron, as anemia can often exacerbate black circles under eyes.


Idea #3: Drink more water

By keeping your body hydrated, your skin will stay firmer, and more likely to hide the blood vessels around the eyes.


Idea #4: Cucumber slices

We see pictures in ads all the time, of a woman with her hair in a towel, and cucumber slices over her eyes. If you’re going to replicate this at home, make sure the cucumber slices are cold. The only reason this works is because the cold constricts the blood vessels and skin in the area reducing the appearance of the blood vessels


Idea #5: Get your exercise

It seems somewhat unrelated, but the improvement in circulation experienced with regular exercise will often improve and even skin tone. This can greatly diminish the appearance of black circles under your eyes.


The best eye cream for treating black circles under your eyes

In many cases the suggestions above will help, but not completely eliminate black circles under the eyes. When this happens using an eye cream may be the best for how to get rid of black circles under eyes. Specifically, a product with a formula of minerals, vitamins, and natural ingredients proven to even skin tone, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and of course mitigate black circles under your eyes!