Have you ever had multiple friends come up to you in a single day and ask if you were okay? For some reason or another they thought you had been crying, or having an otherwise difficult day? If you answered yes, odds are you have suffered from bags under eyes at least once. Even if you just look in the mirror and can’t help but notice the drooping skin below your eyes, read further to find out how to get rid of eye bags the quick and easy way.


What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

Before we get into how to get rid of eye bags, let’s look at why the under eye bags are there to begin with. At its simplest definition, the eye bags are there because the skin around the eye is drooping and sagging. While this can happen for many reasons, the root cause is thinning of the skin around the eyes. This skin is thin to begin with, and when that is compounded by another issue, bags can form quickly. The following are some reasons why eye bags form.

  • Mood

It may sound like common sense, but mood can play a big part in the overall complexion of your face. Being stressed, worried, or depressed can manifest itself in bags under the eyes. Often this is because of an accompanying symptom of those conditions


  • Lack of sleep

As a side effect of depression, stress, anxiety, or as a standalone problem, lack of sleep can greatly impact our outward appearance. This is because our body needs restful sleep in order to repair itself from the previous day’s trials and tribulations. When we don’t get enough sleep tissues such as the skin around the eye don’t have adequate time to rebuild themselves. The end result is that the skin thins, and then sags into what we consider to be bags under the eyes.


  • Allergies

Much like crying, irritation from allergies can cause us to rub our eyes. This stretches the skin around the eyes and over time can create the appearance of bags under eyes. Even if you don’t rub your eyes excessively the constant inflammation from chronic allergies can create the appearance of bags.


  • Diet

While you probably know that the bag of chips and soda you had as an afternoon snack wasn’t the best choice from a nutrition standpoint, you may not know that it could be contributing to the bags under your eyes. The high sodium content can cause the retention of water which can create bags under your eyes.


How to remove eye bags

There are numerous homeopathic remedies for removing bags under your eyes, but none of them can compare to a quality eye cream when it comes to how to get rid of eye bags. Our favorite product for getting rid of bags under eyes is a complete solution that not only reduces the appearance of bags under your eyes, but combines potent ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and other natural elements to give you smoother firmer skin under your eyes. In many instances regular use can reduce bags, wrinkles, and blemishes; creating the appearance of skin that is many years younger.